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BlackBerry IVY Future of electric vehicles



Blackberry held its annual safety convention last week. The messaging became cut up among blackberry’s impressive updates to its ever-increasing protection offerings — which can be most of the few the usage of ai in security answers — and its automobile efforts. Along with the car industry, blackberry’s automotive initiatives are increasingly more centered on electric powered cars that want help to reach their full potential. Blackberry qnx software program is presently mounted on 195 million cars on the street, and its platform stays the most famous 0. 33-party automotive operating system globally. The organisation announced blackberry ivy at the occasion, that is being presented in conjunction with aws to offer the subsequent era in car manage and management. As part of this position, blackberry highlighted the coming revel in with electric powered motors. I discovered the outline compelling and worth protecting here because it will make a big distinction. We’ll near once more with my fabricated from the week, the brand new huawei watch three. It’s far now the nearest product in the marketplace to the apple watch — and it uses huawei’s harmonyos, that’s at the verge of being higher than ios or macos because it is able to update each. The electric vehicle electricity troubleevs have lots of benefits.

I force a jaguar i-pace. Its perks consist of wicked acceleration; a near-equipment-like using enjoy (you in all likelihood won’t even want to replace brake shoes); and the potential to pressure in snow or climb mountains that ice (internal combustion engine) motors can’t match. Further, those of us who have these vehicles normally price them at domestic.

One downside is battery lifestyles and the dearth of charging infrastructure which lags at the back of gas station availability. Of course, with gasoline charges growing swiftly, that fuel station get admission to gain is being offset a bit in the meanwhile. This lack of a charging network trouble has been rather worrying due to the fact the nearest jaguar dealership to me is 180 miles away. The ride is commonly downhill, so i can get to the supplier quickly sufficient with a ton of leftover range, but coming home is 180 miles uphill. I’ve had a few near calls at the go back experience. One time the car mechanically shut off at the same time as i used to be rolling into my garage absolutely out of strength. The i-pace is a ton of amusing to pressure distance, but we have a tendency to drive our plug-in hybrid, a new volvo xc60 that has more than 500 miles of variety on gasoline and electric powered, to keep away from the battery anxiety that comes from driving a natural electric. This battery power trouble is on pinnacle of uneven problems with ota (over-the-air) software program updates. There has been one update early on that effectively bricked the auto as it wasn’t nicely vetted. Blackberry ivy to the rescue

what blackberry and aws do with ivy is better combine the automobile with the cloud

. Ivy reduces the associated charges to the carmaker and allows futureproof the automobile by using providing regular software deployments over various systems. Additionally, it is agnostic to the cars’ os (it doesn’t must be on qnx) and cloud systems (it doesn’t ought to use aws both). Even though i anticipate it’ll work best with qnx and aws, where maximum of the testing is, but it doesn’t lock you in. What got my attention is how it probably improves the ev riding enjoy. The usage of nearby processing energy, it identifies the user, sets their options, and routinely generates a power-green path based totally on the availability of chargers and beyond riding revel in. For me, which means it might recognize that coming domestic from the provider i’m going to have an awful lot much less range, and it will automatically course me to a stage three charger, if i need it, to assure i am getting home correctly. This functionality is critical due to the fact you aren’t speculated to tow an electric automobile. At the same time as a few tow trucks can now fee your vehicle, most nevertheless can’t. So, if you run out of strength, you need to have your automobile trailered to a charger. With ivy the auto will modify for projected visitors, which could expand or reduce your range depending on the temperature and the character of that site visitors. It’s miles exciting to word that heavier traffic may additionally amplify your variety except it is surprisingly hot or cold. Ice motors get higher gasoline mileage at dual carriageway speeds and decrease mileage in congested visitors. Evs are frequently the opposite. Regardless, you need to agree with the variety estimates, which, these days, whilst stepped forward over time, are still much less accurate than maximum folks would really like, and it looks as if ivy could make this far better. Handling a supercomputer on wheels
one of the things tesla got right from the begin, which is partly why teslas generally tend to do better than other evs, is that they understood that evs are rolling computers, no longer fuel motors with electric motors. As independent riding advances, evs are becoming supercomputers. For example, tesla mirrors apple more than it does an ordinary automobile agency, and the result has been a much better user revel in with the technical elements of the auto. Granted, tesla has had big fine troubles, suggesting it can have no longer yet absolutely grasped the car a part of the solution. Still, the agency tends to rank on the top regarding software updates, purchaser loyalty, and electricity control. However, just like apple, tesla’s revolutionary conduct has been chiefly tesla-most effective. The other car groups appear to be gaining knowledge of by way of doing, for the maximum element, which has harm their related user revel in. While other carmakers have beaten tesla in construct first-class, tesla tends to guide with ordinary using revel in. Blackberry ivy doubtlessly flips this script to provide car companies that use it an operability benefit that is even more patron-centered than tesla’s — as a consequence assuring their better construct great isn’t negatively offset by an inferior person enjoy. Wrapping up
electric powered cars are the future. They provide many advantages, like now not sweating the rapidly increasing price of gasoline. Variety anxiety nonetheless haunts the elegance, and the overall capability of the rolling pc idea is specifically enjoyed via tesla. Blackberry and aws have advanced ivy to provide an answer that may work with diverse carmakers to improve the using experience and ota software update method, to make sure high-quality and dispose of a great deal of that variety anxiety. As a result, blackberry ivy can be on the crucial direction to replacing ice cars with evs even as delivering in unison the overall gain of the electricity supply and the consumer experience. Blackberry ivy will assist assure that destiny electric vehicles move past the troubles that plague first- and second-gen evs to make the ones at the manner more useful and realistic on the equal time..

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Squid Game Crypto Scam ₹25Cr



Squid Games Crypto Scam

A cryptocurrency launched with the branding of hit #Netflix sequence #squidgame Game has disappeared from the web, leaving buyers out of pocket and fearing that they’ve been scammed. The token had surged more than 300,000% on account that launch, being valued at over $2,850 earlier than suddenly dropping to almost zero when the creators seemed to vanish with investors’ funds. It had launched to celebratory news reviews telling followers of the dystopian sequence that there was once a cryptocurrency for them to join an on-line version of the game, due to start in November. However, all those buyers and gamers have now been left out of pocket, with the price of the foreign money losing to near zero and the creators’ website disappearing from the web. Its creators were not permitting traders to resell any of the tokens which they had purchased, and there was no legitimate licensing agreement for the use of the Squid Game mental property. At the time, the creators claimed they were the usage of an anti-dumping technology that avoided human beings from selling their coins in a manner that would distort its market value, and that a second cryptocurrency they had been growing would allow winners to sell their holdings. But buyers concern those claims appear to have been cover for the scam. The kind of suspected scam known as a “rug pull” happens when the developers of a cryptocurrency run off with investors’ funds, leaving the value of the forex to drop to practically nothing.


SQUID cryptocurrency reached its peak at $ 2,861 before dropping to $ 0 around 5:40 a.m. ET., According to the CoinMarketCap website. This type of theft, often referred to as “rug pull” by crypto investors, occurs when crypto creators quickly withdraw their coins for real money, removing liquidity pool from trading.


The SQUID crypto currency was unveiled just last week and includes a host of red flags, including a three-week-old website full of unusual spelling and spelling errors. The website, owned by, has disappeared, along with all other social media platforms created by fraudsters. You can see the archived version of the website here.The SQUID crypto currency was unveiled just last week and includes a host of red flags, including a three-week-old website full of unusual spelling and spelling errors. The website, owned by, has disappeared, along with all other social media platforms created by fraudsters. You can see the archived version of the website here.

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Facebook facial recognition system will be shut down




Facebook has announced that its face recognition program will be closed and that the face-to-face threads of more than a billion people will be removed.

Technology automatically identifies users to photos and videos but Facebook has decided to remove them, citing increased concerns about their use. Jerome Pesenti, vice president of Facebook intelligence, wrote on a blog post: “This change will represent a major change in facial expressions in the history of technology. “There is a lot of concern about the location of face recognition technology in the community. , and regulators are still in the process of providing a clear set of rules governing its use. Facebook has said more than a third of its users have opted to enter the face-off of social media, but this change will remove the templates of more than one billion people. , will not include the names of the people seen in the images, but otherwise it will work in the normal way. This change will be distributed worldwide i whole and will be completed by the end of the year

Facial technology, developed with precision and power in recent years, has become increasingly the focus of attention in terms of how it can be misused by governments, lawmakers and corporations. In China, authorities use the skills to track and control the Uyghurs, a minority of Muslims. In the United States, law enforcement agencies have turned to an app to help police, which has led to fears of mistreatment and arbitrary arrest. Some cities and regions have banned or restricted technology to prevent potential abuse.

Facebook used its facial features only on its site and did not sell its software to third parties. However, this feature became the privacy and control of the company.

While the Federal Trade Commission fined Facebook a $ 5 billion record for resolving privacy complaints in 2019, face recognition software was among the concerns. Last year, the company also agreed to pay $ 650 million to settle a Illinois class lawsuit that accused Facebook of violating a state law that required citizens’ permission to use their biometric information, including “face geometry.”

The social media platform is making its announcement of face recognition technology as it is also undergoing public scrutiny. Lawmakers and regulators have been at loggerheads over the company for months after former Facebook employee Frances Haugen leaked thousands of internal documents showing how the company knew how to spread false information, hate speech and violent content. .

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Jerome Pesenti, VP of Artificial Intelligence –

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