Toyota Hit by Second Cyberattack in Recent Months

Toyota has announced the suspension of its packaging line at the Motomachi plant in Toyota City, Japan. The reason for this suspension is a cyberattack on the Port of Nagoya, a major hub for Toyota’s imports and exports. This cyberattack has caused disruptions in the flow of parts and vehicles.

Cyberattack Disrupts Toyota Production,

The cyberattack is believed to be the work of the LockBit 3.0 ransomware group. They have demanded a ransom payment in exchange for restoring access to the port’s computer systems. Toyota has taken a firm stance and stated that it will not pay the ransom. The company is actively cooperating with authorities to investigate the attack.

The suspension of the packaging line at the Motomachi plant will have an impact on the production of Toyota Corolla and Lexus ES models. Toyota is working diligently to minimize the consequences of the cyberattack on its production. However, it remains uncertain how long the disruption will persist.

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This is not the first time Toyota has faced a cyberattack. In February 2022, a cyberattack on one of Toyota’s suppliers forced the company to halt production at 14 of its Japanese plants.

These recent cyberattacks on Toyota emphasize the growing vulnerability of critical infrastructure to cyber threats. As businesses increasingly rely on digital systems, their susceptibility to attacks rises. It is crucial for businesses to implement robust security measures and have a well-defined response plan in place to defend against cyberattacks.

Cyberattack on Nagoya Port Highlights Need for Strong Security


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