Foxconn, Apple’s Largest Supplier, Under Investigation in China

Foxconn, which is the largest supplier of iPhones for Apple, is currently undergoing tax audits at some of its important subsidiaries. These audits are happening because there are suspicions that Foxconn may have broken certain laws and regulations.

Additionally, China’s natural resources department is conducting investigations into the land use of Foxconn’s enterprises in Henan, Hubei provinces, and other locations. This information was reported in the nationalist tabloid, the Global Times, but it didn’t provide specific details about the investigations or when they are taking place. It’s important to note that Foxconn has not commented on this matter at the moment.

Foxconn, Apple's Largest Supplier, Under Investigation in China

Zhang Wensheng, who is the deputy dean of the Taiwan Research Institute of Xiamen University, explained in an interview with the Global Times that these tax audits and land use investigations are standard procedures when any enterprise is suspected of breaking laws and regulations.

He mentioned that Foxconn’s subsidiaries should cooperate with these audits and investigations, and if they indeed find violations of laws and regulations, they should acknowledge their mistakes, accept any penalties, and work to correct the issues.

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