Home News Passenger arrested after threatening staff on Sydney Airport incident

Passenger arrested after threatening staff on Sydney Airport incident

Passenger arrested after threatening staff on Sydney Airport incident

A plane was on its way from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, operated by Malaysia Airlines. But before it could fly for even two hours, it had to turn around and head back to Sydney Airport. Why, you ask? Because there was a passenger causing trouble by threatening the crew and other passengers.

So, this flight, called MH122, took off from Sydney at 1:40 pm. But it didn’t get very far before it changed direction over New South Wales. It landed back at Sydney Airport at 3:47 pm. The Australian Federal Police got involved and met the plane when it landed. And guess what? Almost three hours later, the police finally went on board and put handcuffs on the person causing the chaos.

Someone who was supposedly on the plane tweeted about this person causing problems. They said this guy was threatening people and causing a scene. There are even pictures on social media showing this guy kneeling in the aisle after the plane landed back at the airport. In one video, you can see a passenger yelling at the flight attendants while everyone else looks scared.

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People went on a site called X (which used to be called Twitter) to share their frustration about waiting for the police to come on the plane. They talked about how scary the whole situation was.

One passenger shared a pretty scary story about what happened on the flight. They said it started with this guy chanting over and over again. People were curious but polite about it at first. Then, things got worse. He unzipped his backpack and made threats about having something dangerous in it. He was yelling loudly right by where this person was sitting, scaring them to death.

Then, out of nowhere, this guy jumped out of his seat with a backpack on the front of him and started going crazy. He was yelling really loudly and saying things that didn’t make sense. He was even getting up in people’s faces. The flight attendants tried to calm him down, but he got even more upset. The plane had to turn around and go back to the airport. They had to wait there until security could deal with this person.

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The passenger who shared this story gave a big shoutout to the flight attendants for handling the situation. They knew what to do, but it wasn’t easy. This guy causing problems was big and strong, so it wasn’t a simple situation.

Another passenger on X wrote that Sydney Airport was being affected by this whole thing. They were worried about everyone’s safety and wanted to know where the airport security was. It had been over an hour since the plane landed back, and they were still waiting for things to get sorted out.

Someone else said that the troublemaker on the plane was making threats about his bag. He was saying things like “Allah Akbar,” and when the staff tried to calm him down, he threatened to blow up the bag.

The airport spokesperson said on X that they were helping out the emergency agencies dealing with the incident. The airport was still open, and planes were coming and going. They advised people to check with their airline about flight status.

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Because of this whole mess, 32 domestic flights had to be canceled—16 coming in and 16 going out. Other flights were delayed by up to an hour and a half. Thankfully, international flights were still happening as planned. People were told to get in touch with their airline to find out what was going on with their flights.