Singapore Turf Club to Hold Final Race in 2024

The Singapore Turf Club (STC) has shared the unfortunate news that horse racing in Singapore will come to an end on October 5, 2024. This decision was prompted by the Singapore government’s intention to repurpose the land occupied by the Kranji racecourse for housing development. With over 180 years of horse racing history in the country, this announcement marks the end of an era.

  1. The STC’s Response and Support:
  • The STC expressed deep sadness regarding the government’s decision but emphasized its respect for it.
  • The club is committed to collaborating with the government to ensure a smooth transition and to provide support for its employees and stakeholders.
  1. Historical Significance and Challenges:
  • Horse racing has been a beloved sport in Singapore since the early 19th century, with the inaugural race held in 1842 and the Kranji racecourse opening its doors in 1999.
  • The sport has encountered obstacles in recent years, including declining attendance and increasing competition from other forms of gambling.
  1. Promoting Horse Racing in Singapore:
  • The STC remains dedicated to promoting horse racing in Singapore and is actively exploring alternatives for a new racecourse.
  • Additionally, the club is working on the development of a new industry focused on breeding and training racehorses.
  1. Mixed Reactions and Respect for Diverse Perspectives:
  • The decision to end horse racing in Singapore has evoked mixed reactions, with some expressing disappointment while others welcoming the change.
  • The STC affirms its respect for all viewpoints surrounding this matter.
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The final race at the Kranji racecourse, scheduled for October 5, 2024, will be the momentous 100th Grand Singapore Gold Cup, a Group 1 event with a prize worth S$1 million. As Singapore bids farewell to a longstanding tradition, the STC is grateful for the support it has received throughout the years. While horse racing’s conclusion in Singapore may bring a sense of nostalgia, the STC remains committed to exploring new avenues to sustain the spirit of the sport.


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