Home Business Historic Guilt Tower in Preston City Centre Up for Sale, Offering Versatile Potential

Historic Guilt Tower in Preston City Centre Up for Sale, Offering Versatile Potential

Historic Guilt Tower in Preston City Centre Up for Sale, Offering Versatile Potential

The renowned Guilt Tower, located in Preston city centre adjacent to the iconic Preston Bus Station, has been listed for sale with a price tag of £3.5m. This 15-storey building, previously utilized as office space, has remained unoccupied since 2019. Although requiring refurbishment, the Guilt Tower holds immense potential for transformation into diverse functional spaces, such as apartments, student accommodation, or a hotel.

Unique Opportunity for Potential Buyers:

Commercial property agents Lambert Smith Hampton are handling the sale of the Guilt Tower and are seeking offers starting at £3.5m. Describing the property as a “prime city centre asset,” the agents emphasize the unique opportunity it presents for potential buyers.

Historic Significance and Local Authority Approval:

The Guilt Tower holds Grade II listed status, signifying its exceptional architectural and historic value. As a result, any modifications or renovations to the building would require approval from the local authority. Preserving the building’s historic character will be a crucial consideration for its future use.

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Investment Boosts Preston City Centre:

The sale of the Guilt Tower aligns with the ongoing trend of significant investment in Preston city centre. Recent years have witnessed substantial financial commitments to various developments, including the impressive £100m Smithfield Market project and the £25m Fishergate bus station renovation. These transformative initiatives are elevating Preston’s appeal as a vibrant place to reside, work, and explore.

Confidence in Preston’s Future:

The decision to sell the Guilt Tower exemplifies the growing confidence in Preston’s city centre. By bringing this historic building back into use, stakeholders hope to contribute positively to the city’s overall growth and vitality.


The Guilt Tower’s prominent placement in Preston city centre, coupled with its Grade II listed status, makes it an attractive property for prospective buyers. With a range of potential uses and the opportunity for refurbishment, the building holds immense value. The sale reflects ongoing investment in Preston, contributing to its transformation into an appealing destination. As the city continues to evolve, the revival of the Guilt Tower is expected to play a significant role in enhancing Preston’s urban landscape. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more updates.