United Airlines Boeing 777 Nearly Crashes After Pilot Error

The NTSB’s discovery of pilot error is notable, marking the first instance involving a Boeing 777. Concerns arise regarding United Airlines’ pilot training and operational protocols.

In a recent incident on December 18, 2022, United Flight 1722 departed Kahului Airport, Hawaii. Carrying 271 passengers and 10 crew, the plane faced a rapid altitude drop within a minute of takeoff, nearly reaching water.

Investigation revealed pilot miscommunication on flap settings – captain aimed for 15 degrees, first officer set 10. This error caused slow flight and altitude loss.

Neglecting initial climb protocols, pilots skipped autopilot and adequate airspeed, altitude checks. NTSB’s revelation warns airlines of pilot fallibility, urging rigorous training and protocols.

NTSB issued United Airlines suggestions post-incident:

  1. Enhance Boeing 777 pilot training.
  2. Develop procedures for maintaining flight path, airspeed, pitch during initial climb.
  3. Enhance crew communication.

United Airlines commits to adopting NTSB’s advice, prioritizing safety and future incident prevention.

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