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Best Credit Cards for Foodies

Best Credit Cards for Foodies
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Dining and restaurant expenses can quickly add up and become a significant portion of our monthly budget. To make the most out of these expenses, it’s a wise decision to seek credit cards that offer generous rewards on such purchases.

The ideal dining and restaurant credit cards not only provide attractive rewards on every meal but also come with additional perks tailored to food lovers. These perks may include subscriptions or discounts for popular food delivery apps, as well as dining credits that can be used at a variety of restaurants. With so many options available, choosing the right card can be like selecting from a diverse menu of choices.

To help you find the perfect credit card for your needs, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of various dining and restaurant credit cards offered by different issuers. After careful consideration, we have curated a list of the very best cards in this category. Let’s take a look at our top selections.

American Express® Gold Card

The American Express® Gold Card is a top pick for anyone who enjoys dining out and restaurant purchases. This mid-tier card offers fantastic earning potential and stands out with two major perks: statement credits for dining and Uber Cash. Cardholders can earn up to $10 in statement credits monthly when shopping at select dining establishments, such as Grubhub, The Cheesecake Factory, Goldbelly, Wine.com, Milk Bar, and certain Shake Shack locations. Additionally, there’s $10 in Uber Cash each month when the card is added to an Uber account, perfect for transportation or food delivery via Uber Eats. Enrollment is required for select benefits.

Bilt World Elite Mastercard

The Bilt World Elite Mastercard® is a revolutionary option for renters, as it allows them to earn rewards on rent payments. Besides being great for dining and restaurants, this card offers above-average rewards that double on Rent Day, making it an even more enticing choice. Cardholders also get a three-month membership to DashPass and $5 off their first order each month, along with access to the Mastercard World Elite concierge for assistance with hard-to-get reservations.

U.S. Bank Altitude® Go Visa Signature® Card

The U.S. Bank Altitude® Go Visa Signature® Card is a top choice for those who love dining in, dining out, and takeout. This card also offers a $15 annual statement credit for streaming service subscriptions, making it appealing to those who enjoy movies and entertainment from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, it provides a 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 billing cycles, followed by a variable APR of 19.99% to 28.99%.

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Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card is an excellent option for those who frequently dine out and appreciate cash back rewards. Cardholders can redeem their cash back at restaurants and enjoy additional perks such as 10% back on Uber and Uber Eats purchases. The card also provides access to Capital One Dining, offering exclusive dining experiences for its users.

Citi Custom Cash℠ Card

The Citi Custom Cash℠ Card automatically adapts to your spending habits, rewarding you with the biggest rewards for the category where you spend the most. If dining is a significant portion of your budget, this card will generously reward you without needing to activate restaurant spending as your bonus category. This flexibility allows you to explore other interests and activities, like deciding where to dine over the weekend.

Wells Fargo Autograph℠ Card

The Wells Fargo Autograph℠ Card is an excellent choice for earning rewards on dining out and transit expenses. Its generous points multiplier applies to various dining establishments, including restaurants, eating places, drinking places, fast food restaurants, and even caterers. This makes it a versatile card for both casual dining and hosting events organized by others.

Should you get a dining and restaurant credit card?

Having a dining credit card can be highly beneficial, especially if you often eat out, order delivery, or visit drive-throughs. These cards offer rewards for your spending, and some even include grocery stores as a bonus category, making them even more appealing for those who like to indulge in dining experiences.

For a household in the U.S. seeking a dining and restaurant credit card, the estimated annual income is around $84,352. Additionally, they are likely to have expenses of approximately $25,087 that can be charged to a credit card. This data is based on government and publicly available information.

To illustrate the potential benefits of a dining credit card, let’s take the American Express Gold Card as an example. As our top pick for dining credit cards, it offers significant rewards. Now, let’s delve into how much this hypothetical household could earn throughout the year with this card.

By using the American Express Gold Card for their dining and restaurant expenses, this sample household could accumulate substantial rewards. The card’s benefits can significantly offset their dining and entertainment costs, making it a valuable financial tool.

It’s important to note that the actual rewards earned will depend on individual spending habits and the specific credit card terms. However, for those who enjoy dining out and want to make the most of their expenses, a dining credit card is a wise choice to consider.

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Dining$3,5264 points14,104 points
Grocery stores$4,9424 points19,768 points
Flights$1,1883 points3,564 points
Other$15,4311 point15,431 points
TOTAL$25,08752,867 point

The total number of Membership Rewards points earned annually is 52,867.

These points have varying values based on how you redeem them. If you choose to redeem them for a statement credit towards your bill, they are worth approximately $317. Alternatively, you can use them to book flights through American Express Travel, increasing their value to about $528. Additionally, if you transfer the points to one of Amex’s travel transfer partners, their worth can be even higher.

In addition to the points, the American Express card offers some attractive benefits. For instance, you can benefit from a $120 dining credit and $120 in Uber Cash. When factoring in these perks, they can offset the card’s $250 annual fee, making the rewards even more appealing.

Now, let’s explore another option: the Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card. This card has a much lower annual fee compared to the American Express card, offering different advantages and rewards for its users.

Hotels booked through Capital One Travel$8685%$43.40
Entertainment and streaming services$1,4444%$57.76
Grocery stores$4,9423%$148.26

Guide to dining and restaurant credit cards

When applying for a credit card, it’s crucial to understand the options available. Two main types of dining and restaurant credit cards exist: points cards and cash-back cards. Points cards allow you to accumulate points for future travel or other rewards. On the other hand, cash-back cards provide a percentage of your monthly purchases as cash back, which can be beneficial for covering dining and other expenses.

Once you’ve determined the type of card that suits you best, it’s time to explore the current offerings. Pay special attention to welcome bonuses, as they can boost your points or cash-back earnings by meeting specific spending requirements within a set timeframe. However, always make sure the spending requirements align with your budget.

Maximizing your rewards requires analyzing your financial situation. Take note of your primary credit card spending categories and find cards that offer bonus rewards for those categories. Be mindful of avoiding duplication with other credit cards you already have.

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Besides the reward structure, there are other important features to consider when comparing dining and restaurant credit cards. These include the annual fee, APRs, balance transfer fees, and any caps on reward earnings.

Who is a dining rewards card best for?

Dining rewards cards can be advantageous for a wide range of individuals. They offer various benefits and perks when you eat out, get takeout, or have food delivered. However, if you rarely engage in these activities, you might consider other types of credit cards that suit your spending habits better. General travel rewards cards or cash-back credit cards could be more suitable alternatives for you.

To find the most suitable rewards card, it’s essential to analyze your monthly spending patterns. Identify the categories where you spend the most and then search for a card that offers bonus points in those areas. For instance, the Wells Fargo Autograph Card is an excellent choice for commuters as it provides bonus points on dining and transit purchases.

If you’re contemplating getting a rewards card with an annual fee, ensure that you’ll be able to take full advantage of the benefits offered. Some cards might have great perks, but if you don’t use them enough, the annual fee might outweigh the benefits. So, it’s essential to do a cost-benefit analysis before committing to a card with an annual fee.

How to choose the best credit card for dining and restaurants

When searching for your next credit card, it’s essential to be selective given the abundance of options available. To find the perfect credit card for dining and restaurants, take the following factors into consideration:

Assess whether you prefer a cash-back credit card or one that offers travel rewards. Additionally, evaluate your existing points and miles plan to identify any gaps, such as lacking bonus categories for dining while having rewards for grocery stores and gas.

Consider if you are open to paying an annual fee for added benefits and determine the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on such a fee. Your credit score will also play a role in the available card options.

It’s crucial to answer these questions to narrow down your choices and find the credit card that aligns with your specific needs. Always make sure to read the fine print carefully before applying for any credit card.

Keep in mind that many credit cards designed for dining and restaurants cater to individuals with good-to-excellent credit. However, if your credit is fair or poor, there are cards specifically designed to help you build your credit score over time. You can also explore pre-qualified options with a soft credit check to assess your chances of approval.

For those aiming to build credit, the Bilt Rewards Card is an excellent choice as it not only earns rewards on dining purchases but also helps improve your score through rent payments.