Bazooka Candy Brands Sold to Apax Partners for $700 Million

Bazooka Candy Brands, the famous bubble gum and candy maker, was just sold for a massive $700 million. This news comes from The Wall Street Journal, which says that a company called Apax Partners bought Bazooka Candy Brands. This company used to belong to Michael Eisner, the ex-CEO of Disney, and two other groups, The Torante Company and Madison Dearborn Partners.

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Back in 2007, Bazooka was bought by The Topps Company Inc., which used to make trading cards too. But later, they sold the trading card part to Fanatics. Eisner and Madison Dearborn Partners kept the candy part and renamed it Bazooka Candy Brands.

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Bazooka Candy Brands is part of The Bazooka Companies, Inc. They’re known for lollipops like Ring Pop, Push Pop, Baby Bottle Pop, and Juicy Drop, as well as Bazooka Bubble Gum. The brand used to be called Topps Chewing Gum and was made in Brooklyn, New York.

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After World War II, they created Bazooka Bubble Gum in 1947. Then, in 1953, the first Bazooka Joe comics came out, and the gum started being sold all around the world.


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