Michael Cera recently revealed that his manager almost cost him the role of Allan

Michael Cera almost missed out on playing Allan in Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” You know, the actor from Canada who’s 35 years old? He’s the guy who became the doll, and Margot Robbie’s the doll herself in the movie. She’s on a journey to find her purpose in the real world.

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The movie came out in theaters recently, and people really liked how Cera portrayed Allan. He’s kind of awkward and different, which made him stand out.

Cera shared a story in a video interview with GQ. It turns out his role was almost gone. His manager called and said, “There’s this Barbie movie with Greta Gerwig directing, and it’s shooting in London for a few months. But I told them you probably don’t want to do it.” Cera was surprised and told his manager to call back. He really wanted the role.

He got in touch with Gerwig by email and asked if he could be Allan. The character Allan is based on a real doll that was friends with Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken. This doll, Allan, didn’t last long. He was around in 1964 but was gone by 1966 because not many people bought him.

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“Barbie” hit theaters in July and made a ton of money, over a billion dollars worldwide. It’s the most successful movie ever directed by a woman. By August 16, it had made $537.5 million just in the U.S., beating even “The Dark Knight.”

So, in the end, it’s a story about Michael Cera almost missing out on playing Allan in the Barbie movie, but then everything worked out amazingly well, and the movie became a massive success.


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