Home Europe A level results 2023: London students get highest A* rate

A level results 2023: London students get highest A* rate

A level results 2023: London students get highest A* rate
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London students are doing really well compared to others across the country. About one-third of the A level exams taken in London got the highest grades.

Today’s results show that 10.5 percent of exams taken in London got an A*, which is the highest grade possible. But in the North East, which is the part with the lowest scores, only 6.4 percent of the grades were A*.

So, here’s the deal – the gap between London and the South East, which are kinda rocking it, and the places where the scores are, well, not great, that gap got bigger. Back in 2019, it was, like, 3.9 percentage points, but now it’s a whopping 8.3 percentage points.

And guess what? London actually did way better this year. The number of those top grades jumped up by a solid 11.5 percent since 2019, which, like, was the last year when exams were, you know, normal.

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All this jazz is happening while A-Level results all over the UK are, like, taking a nosedive. The best grades dropped, like, 25 percent from last year. And it’s kinda because of how the whole grading thing went down during the pandemic, which made things a bit, you know, weird.

Now students are, like, totally stressed ’cause they gotta fight for those spots in universities. It’s gonna be this crazy competition to snag the last spots left in the unis.

But, like, even though the grades are down, they’re still better than what we had before the whole pandemic mess. So, this year, we’re talking 73,000 fewer top grades than last year, but, like, it’s 32,000 more than what we had back in 2019.

And, like, the folks in charge, they, like, totally made the grades lower for two years straight. It’s ’cause they wanted to fix the whole grade thing that went bonkers during the pandemic, when exams got canceled and stuff.

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Geoff Barton, who’s like the big shot at the Association of School and College Leaders, he’s saying that today’s results are, like, gonna be a total bummer for a bunch of students.