Spotting hair strands on your pillow or in your bathroom drain can indicate excessive hair fall and damage. Despite using anti-hair fall shampoos and treatments, many women struggle to improve the situation. Hair fall can limit your styling options and lead to flat, lackluster hair.

This often raises questions about effective solutions and how to stop severe hair fall. In this article, we will address these concerns, discussing the causes of hair fall and suggesting a remedy that you can incorporate into your routine.

Know the causes before looking for how to stop hair fall

 Using the wrong shampoo

Being aware of your hair type and condition can prevent hair problems like frizziness, breakage, and fall. For frizzy hair, use a moisturizing shampoo. If experiencing hair fall, opt for an anti-hair fall solution. Using the wrong shampoo can worsen hair fall instead of solving it. Therefore, a vitamin-based anti-hair fall shampoo can be a helpful treatment for women, enhancing their hair type.

 Daily hair care routine

Excess heat, humidity, and dryness can be detrimental to your hair. Prolonged sun exposure, irregular hair washing, and lack of proper nourishment can contribute to hair loss. To enhance the condition of your hair, consider making changes to your hair care routine and lifestyle. Simple adjustments like regular combing, oiling, using hair conditioning remedies, and opting for appropriate hair treatments can help you maintain a healthy scalp and improve your hair’s overall health.

Extreme Diets and malnutrition

If you tend to follow diet charts, it is crucial to consume essential vitamins and minerals. A diet rich in these nutrients is vital for promoting hair growth and addressing hair fall. Extreme dieting can lead to weakness and a pale appearance. It is recommended to follow a balanced diet, ensuring an adequate intake of nutrients while engaging in regular exercise. Our hair requires a variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and a deficiency in these can result in hair loss and unhealthy hair.

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Physical and Mental Stress

Extreme physical strain can dehydrate your hair, while excessive mental stress, persistent illness, and drastic weight loss or gain also contribute to hair fall. Stressing too much about something can lead to hair breakage due to dryness and flakiness. Conversely, physical strain, although beneficial for the body, can result in increased hair fall when excess sweat accumulates on the scalp. To reduce hair fall, it is important to minimize mental stress and consider taking a hair shower after intense workouts.

Home Remedies to Reduce Hair Fall

Home remedies have always been effective in treating various issues, including hair fall. One such remedy is the application of eggs to the hair, which Grandma used to do. This practice has consistently shown positive results by making a significant impact on hair health and preventing hair fall. In addition to egg treatment, there are several other home remedies that can be considered as the best hair fall treatments. These remedies have the potential to gradually reduce hair fall and ultimately stop it altogether.

Fermented Rice Water

Fermented Rice Water is a highly effective remedy for hair problems. It has multiple benefits and is widely used in beauty products. Due to its rich vitamin content and ability to repair damaged hair cells, it is considered invaluable. It helps reduce hair fall by maintaining a suitable pH level and provides antioxidants for healthier hair. Pantene has incorporated fermented rice water into their Advanced Hairfall Solution, combining it with their Pro-Vitamin B5 formula for an innovative haircare product.

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Aloe vera gel

is well-known for its healing properties and has been used for centuries to address various hair issues. It can be applied to the hair using different ingredients such as yogurt, vitamin E capsules, apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil, offering effective solutions for improving hair health.


Bamboo, renowned for its strength and flexibility, is an ideal ingredient for hair care. Products enriched with bamboo extracts can strengthen and enhance the health of your hair, reducing hair fall and promoting overall well-being.


Onions contain sulphur, which aids in collagen production and improves hair health. Incorporating onion juice or onion oil in DIY hair care masks can be beneficial for promoting hair health.


Egg masks, when combined with ingredients like aloe vera, lemon, honey, or olive oil, can effectively address a range of hair issues. These masks not only combat hair fall but also provide a lustrous shine and smooth texture to your hair.

How to Stop Hair Fall in Women with Proper Diet

Vitamin A is essential for hair growth and moisturizing hair follicles, preventing breakage and hair fall. However, excessive intake of Vitamin A can be harmful. Foods like carrots, spinach, kale, pumpkin, and peach are rich in Vitamin A and promote healthy hair.

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Vitamin B, particularly Biotin, is well-known for promoting hair growth by creating a favorable environment for healthy hair. Nuts, avocado, seafood, and leafy vegetables are some foods that contain Vitamin B and are beneficial for hair health.

Vitamin C, contributes to the production of collagen, a vital protein for healthy hair, nails, and skin. It also aids in iron absorption and boosts hair growth. Foods such as strawberries, oranges, grapefruits, and kiwis are rich in Vitamin C and support hair health.

Vitamin D, plays a significant role in the creation of new hair follicles and prevents hair from falling out prematurely. Adequate exposure to sunlight helps the body produce Vitamin D. Mushrooms, salmon, and fatty fish are examples of foods rich in Vitamin D.

Vitamin E, as a natural antioxidant, offers multiple benefits to hair, including stimulating growth, reducing split ends, and enhancing shine and volume. Sunflower seeds, spinach, avocado, and almonds are some foods that contain Vitamin E and contribute to healthy hair.

Developing the right hair fall treatment or remedy based on your hair fall severity is the answer to the age-old dilemma of “How to stop hair fall?” By using the right hair fall solution and diligently following a hair care routine, you can put your hair fall problems to rest. Now that you’ve understood hair fall from A-Z, you know what steps to take!