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Akash Mudra: Embracing the Space Gesture

Akash Mudra: Embracing the Space Gesture

Hand gestures or hand mudras offer physical, mental, and spiritual benefits through essential yoga practices. Including these mudras in your daily yoga routine can be an ideal choice to improve your overall health. One such mudra is Akash Mudra, which enhances the space element in our body. Derived from the Sanskrit language, the word “Akash” means viewing and recognizing. In this article, we provide you with details on how to perform Akash Mudra at home. Keep reading for more information!

Akash Mudra, Benifits Of Akash Mudra

What is Akash Mudra?

Akash Mudra, derived from the Sanskrit language, translates to ‘sky’ or ‘space’ gesture. This Mudra combines the individual’s consciousness with the universe, symbolizing Atma.

In Ayurveda, Akash Mudra is frequently utilized alongside yoga practices for spiritual well-being. It is also commonly observed in Buddha statues, signifying its significance. Another name for Akash Mudra is Shuni Mudra, and it offers various benefits when practiced in conjunction with yoga.

By practicing Akash Mudra, individuals can experience a harmonious connection between their inner self and the vastness of the universe. Its association with yoga and Ayurveda further enhances its spiritual and holistic benefits. Additionally, the presence of this Mudra in Buddha statues reinforces its cultural and symbolic importance. Incorporating Akash Mudra into yoga practices can amplify its positive effects on overall well-being.

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In this article, we will introduce you to a simple finger posture known as “mudra.” Specifically, we will focus on a mudra called “Akash mudra,” also known as “Aakash mudra.” These yoga finger mudras have proven to be highly effective in improving your overall health. Typically, these mudras are formed during the practice of dhyana, which is a state of deep concentration on divinity. It is worth noting that the mudra itself holds the potential to alleviate various health issues.

Steps to do Akash Mudra:

Since Akash Mudra is associated with space, performing this hand gesture with meditation, yoga asanas, and deep breathing will give you tremendous results. Here are the simple steps you can follow to achieve this gesture efficiently:

  1. Find a comfortable posture such as vajrasana, padmasana, or sukhasana.
  2. Sit down and ensure your body is at ease.
  3. Rest your hands on your thighs or knees, with your palms facing upward.
  4. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, focusing on the rhythm of your breathing.
  5. Concentrate on each inhale and exhale, allowing your mind to settle.
  6. Fold your middle finger and touch the tip of your thumb with the middle fingertips.
  7. Clear your mind of any distracting thoughts and fully immerse yourself in the present moment.
  8. Optionally, chant the word “OM” to enhance your focus and concentration.
  9. Practice this mudra three times a day for optimal results, allocating either 15 to 16 minutes per session or practicing for 45 minutes at a stretch.
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Time Duration:

The Akash Mudra offers the advantage of being a versatile practice that can be performed in various positions such as sitting, standing, or even lying down. There is no specific time requirement to complete this Mudra, but performing it between 4 to 6 am is believed to yield the most efficient results.

To incorporate the Akash Mudra into your routine, you have a few options. You can practice it in three separate sessions of 15 minutes each throughout the day. Alternatively, you can choose to dedicate a continuous stretch of time, ranging from a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes, for practicing the Mudra daily. However, for therapeutic purposes, it is recommended to practice the Akash Mudra for a total of 50 minutes each day.

Benefits of Akash Mudra:

We have presented you with the list of all the emotional, mental and spiritual benefits associated with performing Akash Mudra:

  1. Lack of space element in the body can lead to migraines.
  2. Practicing Akash mudra can help overcome migraines and improve symptoms.
  3. Akash mudra helps maintain balance and provides relief from migraine symptoms.
  4. Regular practice of Akash Mudra can reduce pain in sinusitis.
  5. Gentle touch on acupressure points may decrease sinusitis pain.
  6. Akash Mudra contributes to peace of mind and increased consciousness.
  7. It helps achieve mental calmness and awareness.
  8. Akash Mudra improves hearing power by stimulating nerve cells.
  9. It activates the throat chakra, alleviating throat-related problems.
  10. Akash Mudra maintains strong teeth and bones by increasing calcium content.
  11. It reduces the occurrence of bone-related diseases.
  12. Akash Mudra aids in addressing tooth decay, hypocalcemia, and osteoporosis.
  13. It helps detoxify the body and maintains heart health, eliminating negative emotions.
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Side Effects of Akash Mudra:

Performing Akash Mudra does not have any explicitly mentioned side effects. However, if you find it difficult or uncomfortable, it is advisable to discontinue practicing it. It is always recommended to consult a professional, particularly if you have any pre-existing health conditions. Individuals with vata nature should refrain from performing this Mudra as it may lead to arthritis, skin dryness, or gas-related issues.

There are multiple benefits associated with Akash Mudra. It offers both mental and physical benefits. When practiced alongside yoga or meditation, Akash Mudra can produce efficient results. If you found this article helpful, please remember to let us know!