Moksha Yoga for Stress Relief

Moksha Yoga, a variant of hot yoga, was created by Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson, two Yoga teachers from Canada. It involves performing vigorous exercises in a continuously heated yoga studio with a temperature of approximately 105 Fahrenheit. While known as Moksha Yoga in Canada, it is referred to as Moda Yoga in the USA. This style of yoga consists of 40 different poses, all rooted in the Traditional Yoga System.

Moksha Yoga
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These exercises not only help to relax the mind and reduce stress but also aid in weight loss. The elevated temperature during the practice encourages excessive sweating, which promotes detoxification of the body. Moreover, the warm environment allows for safe and effective stretching as the muscles remain relaxed.

Moksha Yoga Poses:

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana

Moksha Yoga
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Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana is a yoga pose that involves standing upright and lifting one leg while holding it with the corresponding hand. The head should be positioned straight, and the other hand can rest at the side. This pose can be repeated with the other leg as well. It offers benefits such as stress relief, activation of the liver and kidneys, strengthening of the calves and thighs, improved digestion, and relief from menstrual disorders and headaches. Regular practice can even help with insomnia.

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Moksha Yoga
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Utkatasana, also known as the “chair pose,” requires standing straight and bending the knees while keeping them slightly apart. The thighs should be straight, and the knees parallel to each other, creating the appearance of sitting on an imaginary chair. This pose strengthens the spine, hips, legs, and chest muscles. It also tones the legs, thighs, and calf muscles, improves balance, strengthens the abdominal organs, and aids in weight loss, particularly in the buttocks area.

Warrior Pose:

Moksha Yoga
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The Warrior Pose involves standing with the legs about five inches apart. The left leg is then turned to the left side at a ninety-degree angle, while the arms are lifted and stretched in opposite directions. This pose stretches the legs and ankles, stimulates the abdominal organs, boosts stamina, strengthens the spine, and provides relief from backaches. It also offers benefits for flat feet, osteoporosis, sciatica, and infertility, and cultivates a sense of peace and courage.

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Moksha Yoga
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Dwikonasana, also known as the “double angle pose,” requires standing straight and moving both hands backward until they interlock. The person then bends forward until the back and face are parallel to the ground, lifting the hands as high as possible. This pose is beneficial for children’s healthy development, relaxation of the back muscles, improved shoulder joint mobility, and regulation of blood circulation. It induces a sense of peace and calmness.


Moksha Yoga
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Garbhasana, or the “womb pose,” begins by sitting on the floor and placing the right hand between the right thigh and calf muscle, and the left hand between the left thigh and calf muscle. The person then holds the left earlobe with the right hand and the right earlobe with the left hand. This asana alleviates nervous disorders, tones the belly, improves digestion and appetite, and enhances the balancing sense of the body. It also reduces anger, anxiety, and depression, promoting calmness and peace.

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Moksha Yoga Benefits:

  1. Moksha hot yoga postures, along with rest, can be beneficial for weight loss and toning.
  2. It helps in tightening loose skin and reducing flab.
  3. Practicing moksha yoga can make a person feel fresh and burdenless.
  4. The practice raises metabolism levels, keeping the body active all day.
  5. It reduces drowsiness and promotes alertness.
  6. Moksha yoga also aids in achieving better sleep at night.
  7. Regular practice of moksha yoga improves digestion, circulation, and overall body health.

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