Former Conservative Minister Nadine Dorries Resigns as MP, Prompting By-Election in Mid Bedfordshire

Former Conservative minister Nadine Dorries has announced her immediate resignation as a Member of Parliament, stepping down from her position in Mid Bedfordshire. Dorries, who previously served as culture secretary and is known for her close alliance with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, expressed that it was an honor to serve her constituency but felt it was time for someone else to take over. As a result of her resignation, a by-election will be held in Mid Bedfordshire, where the Conservative party holds a comfortable majority of 24,000 votes.

Dorries had previously revealed her intention to step down at the next general election, and just hours before her resignation, she stated on her TalkTV channel that she did not want to cause a by-election in her seat. However, in a cryptic interview with the broadcaster, she alluded to a significant event that changed her mind, without providing further details.

When questioned about reports suggesting that the government had excluded her from Boris Johnson’s honours list, Dorries responded by highlighting that a prime minister does not have the authority to modify the list of a former prime minister. She emphasized that a new chapter is opening up in her life, including the arrival of a new granddaughter, which influenced her decision to “do the right thing.” Dorries expressed relief after resigning, citing her discontent with recent developments within the Tory party, specifically referring to the removal of Boris Johnson as prime minister and the appointment of Rishi Sunak.

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Having served as the Member of Parliament for Mid Bedfordshire since 2005, Nadine Dorries has also established herself as a best-selling novelist. During Boris Johnson’s premiership, she was promoted to the position of culture secretary and led the now-abandoned plans to privatize Channel 4.

This unexpected resignation raises questions about the future direction of the Conservative party and sets the stage for an upcoming by-election in Mid Bedfordshire, where political dynamics will likely be closely watched.

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