MacBook Air Screen Size: 13-inch vs. 15-inch

Apple fans have been like begging for a bigger MacBook Air for ages, and boom, now it’s here – the new MacBook Air 15 M2. It’s like bigger than the MacBook Air 13 M2, but that doesn’t mean it’s like automatically better or something.

Photo / Malcolm Owen / appleinsider

So, the MacBook Air 15 is priced at $1,299, which is like $200 more than the MacBook Air 13 priced at $1,099. But here’s the kicker – it’s also the skinniest 15-inch laptop out there, like just 0.45 inches thin. So, if you’re all about keeping it light and still getting that screen space, the Air 15 might be your jam.

For that extra cash, you score a bigger 15-inch screen and like a sound system with six speakers (the Air 13 only rocks four speakers). But, like, except for these changes, both these MacBooks are kinda like twins, with the same brainpower, set-ups, looks, and colors.

So the MacBook Air 15 M2 gives you like a bigger screen and more juice in the battery, all for just an extra $200 compared to its older version. Meanwhile, the MacBook Air 13 M2 is more for those who want decent power without spending too much.

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Okay, so picture this: the two laptops side by side, and honestly, they’re almost like twins that you can only tell apart by their size. The smaller MacBook Air 13 has a 13-inch screen, measures 12 x 8.5 inches, weighs 2.7 pounds, and comes in four colors – Starlight, Midnight, Space Grey, and Silver. And then you got the MacBook Air 15, with its 15-inch screen, measuring 13.5 x 9.5 inches, weighing 3.3 pounds, and still rocking those same colors. Even with all that size, the MacBook Air 15 is still, like, super slim at 0.45 inches thick, making it the thinnest 15-incher around.

Both these laptops kinda look the same, but the Air 15 throws in a couple of extra speakers compared to the Air 13. ‘Cause of some change in the design, the Air 13’s sound can get a bit like muffled, not as clear as the older version, but still better than most laptops out there. But then, the Air 15 takes it up a notch. Those extra speakers make the sound richer and louder, blowing away most other laptop speakers.

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Oh, and both these laptops have stuff like a fingerprint thingy, a webcam that’s good enough, two USB-C ports for charging and plugging in stuff, a headphone/mic jack, and that charger thingy called MagSafe. And the keyboard and trackpad, they’re dope – super easy to use and they do what you want.

Now, let’s talk about screens. The Air 13 and 15, they both give you awesome visuals with those pixels, plus that Liquid Retina Display thing that’s supposed to show a billion colors. The deal is, they have different numbers on their screens (2560 x 1664 for the Air 13 and 2880 x 1864 for the Air 15), but the thing is, they both got, like, 224 pixels per inch. Brightness-wise, they’re pretty good, around 400 nits, and they’ve got those vibrant colors with, like, 75% of those fancy DCI-P3 color thingies. Long story short, they’re some of the best screens you can get on a laptop.

Okay, let’s hit up the performance. Both these guys, the Air 13 and 15, they run on the same M2 processor, so they’re pretty fast for normal stuff and even light creative things. But if you’re into video stuff, the M2’s got some ProRes thing that helps out – like it took both Air 13 and 15 around four and a half minutes to do a 3D car in Blender.

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Now, the Air 15 should technically do better graphics ’cause it’s got ten graphics cores (Air 13’s got eight in the base model). But in tests, the Air 13 kinda won by a smidge, scoring like 6922 points in this 3DMark thing, which is only a bit more than Air 15 but still higher.

But, like, the big bummer with the MacBook Air M2 is its SSD thing. Read and write speeds for the Air 13 and 15 are, like, kinda slow – around 1600-1670 MB/s. It’s not super obvious in normal stuff, but if you’re, like, moving big files a lot, it can be slow.

So there you go, the MacBook Air 15 and its little buddy, the Air 13. It’s all about choices – size, sound, screen, and how fast it goes. It’s like a big tech story with a bit of confusion and a mix of cool stuff and not-so-cool stuff.


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