Pokémon GO Fest 2023: The Ultimate Pokémon GO Experience

So, like, a bunch of these Pokémon trainer folks, could be like thousands of ’em, they’re gonna hit up New York City this weekend to snag some Pokémon in that game we’re all addicted to.

Starting on Friday, those players of Pokémon GO, you know, that game on everyone’s phone, they’re gonna spend like three days searching for Pokémon in New York City and that Randall’s Island Park. It’s for that event called Pokémon Go Fest.

The big shots in charge think, like, around 70,000 people are gonna show up for the event until Sunday. This is, like, the hugest public thing for Pokémon GO since it started as a phone game, I guess like seven years back.

But wait up, this event isn’t like just any regular hunting trip. The folks coming to this gig are gonna score a super cool chance to find some rare Pokémon, like the real special Diancie.

So, you know, the big boss at Niantic, the peeps who made Pokémon GO, this dude John Hanke, he kinda said something like, “Pokémon GO is all about playing together.” He’s all excited that this event is a shot for people from all over to hang out with their buddies, family, and other players. They can play the game and meet new peeps who are just as crazy about it.

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Alright, listen up, here’s some deets you gotta know about this massive festival:

Diancie’s like the star of the show, but there’s also these other super cool Pokémon showing up. People can find ’em just hanging out like they’re in their natural spots. The main deal is this Randall’s Island Park, they made it look like a chill spot for these creatures, with fake volcanoes and gross swamps. The peeps at the event can battle each other and do all kinds of challenges to find and learn about these weird critters.

And yeah, in the city itself, those Pokémon GO players are gonna use their phones to bounce around the five parts of the city, you know, those borough things, to hunt for these creatures.

So, like, altogether, players are gonna get their hands on over 50 different kinds of Pokémon. And some of these Pokémon are showing up in New York City before anywhere else in the whole world, can you believe that?


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