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Fani Willis Investigates Donald Trump for Election Fraud

Fani Willis Investigates Donald Trump for Election Fraud
Ben Gray | AP

The law person, Fani Willis, said the old US President did a really big bad thing. They’re telling he tried to change the election from 2020.

Fani Willis, that law person from Fulton County, don’t care ’bout who you are when she catches bad guys. She says justice treats all the same, no matter if you’re super important.

She talked to MSNBC and said that big people shouldn’t get away with stuff just ’cause they’re fancy. She thinks if you do a bad thing in her place, you gotta take the blame.

Now, Fani Willis added more charges on Donald Trump. She says he wanted to switch the election results in Georgia.

The charges are on a big paper listing 19 people and 41 bad things. Everybody gets charged with racketeering, which is like organized crime and can mean 20 years in jail.

Some of the people are Mark Meadows, who worked with Trump, and lawyers Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman.

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Fani Willis told everyone that instead of doing the right steps to fix the election, the accused people worked together to break the rules and change the election.

Trump and the others gotta show up before a time or they might get caught. Fani Willis wants to have only one trial for all 19 people at the same time.

Now Fani Willis is super famous everywhere. Trump’s saying bad stuff ’bout her, calling her names.

Trump’s people say she’s wrong and that the proof comes from folks with their own interests. But people who know Fani Willis say she’s really strong and won’t get scared.

Fani Willis is strong-minded and said she’s not gonna give up. She told The Wall Street Journal she’s gonna keep on fighting.

Fani Willis is from the Democrat team, and she got to be the top law person in the busiest place in Georgia in 2020. This place has Atlanta, which is the big capital.

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Just a little while after she started her job, she said she’s gonna look at anybody who tried to mess with the 2020 election in Georgia. She didn’t say Trump’s name, but this was after news said Trump talked to somebody and told them to find more votes.

She said she’s looking at many different bad things about the election. She wants to know about lying, secret teamwork, and even fighting or scaring.

Trump’s been saying the election wasn’t fair and that he should’ve won. He’s telling other people cheated.

Trump has more problems with the law apart from this one. He’s also got two other bad cases. But he says he didn’t do anything wrong and that the real cheaters should get in trouble.

On his social media thing, Trump said he did a phone call to show he’s unhappy. But he’s wondering why they’re charging him now and not 2 and a half years ago.

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The charges are serious. They say Trump broke a law about organized crime. This is a Georgia law.