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Stacey Abrams: Why She Was Not Indicted in Georgia Like Donald Trump

Stacey Abrams: Why She Was Not Indicted in Georgia Like Donald Trump
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Hey, so there’s this big news about Donald Trump. He’s like, facing his fourth trouble with the law, and they’re saying he was part of some plan to mess with the 2020 election results. And now people are like, “Hey, shouldn’t the Democrats get in trouble too?”

So, on like a Monday night, this person named Fani Willis from Fulton County (sounds fancy, right?) said that Trump and his buddies are being accused of doing lots of bad stuff—like 41 things! And they’re saying it’s this RICO Act thing, which is about some organized crime stuff.

This is the fourth time Trump’s been in a legal mess this year. So far, he’s been accused of doing 91 things wrong. But Trump’s all like, “Nah, I didn’t do anything bad,” and he’s not admitting to the other three cases either.

Then, after all this news came out, some people who like Trump are saying Stacey Abrams, this Democrat from Georgia, should also be in hot water. They’re like, “Hey, she did something similar, right?”

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This group of conservatives, Libs of TikTok, posted something on this X platform (used to be Twitter) on August 15, 2023. They’re wondering when Stacey Abrams is gonna get in trouble for messing with the election in Georgia. And guess what? Loads of people saw it—like around 430,000! They even put in two Fox News articles that talk about Abrams saying she won and didn’t admit she lost.

Another dude named Joel Pollak from Breitbart said kinda the same thing on August 15, 2023. He wrote that if saying an election was “stolen” is like a crime in Georgia, then Stacey Abrams should totally be in jail too. And like, 149,800 people checked out what he said.

Okay, so what did Stacey Abrams really do? Back in 2018, she was like racing against this guy Brian Kemp to be the governor of Georgia. But she lost, and she was like, “Nuh-uh, I don’t agree with that!”

Newsweek said Abrams was all mad at Kemp ’cause he stopped over 1 million people from voting by like, crossing their names off the list. And the difference between their votes was like super tiny, less than 60,000. So Abrams wasn’t cool with losing and thought Kemp made it hard for her fans to vote. But guess what? Kemp, who was also the Secretary of State, was like, “Nope, didn’t happen.”

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So even though Abrams was like, “Okay, Kemp’s the governor now,” she still went to court and said the election wasn’t fair. But then in September 2022, a judge was like, “Nah, you’re wrong.”

Fast forward to 2022, and Abrams and Kemp had another match. Abrams was all like, “Okay, I guess I lost again,” and this time she was chill ’cause it seemed like Kemp was winning.

Now, how’s Abrams different from Trump? Abrams didn’t just throw in the towel when she lost. She tried to prove the election wasn’t fair. But, like, there’s no real proof that she tried to change the results. Trump, on the flip side, is getting blamed for teaming up with others to mess with the election.

And here’s the kicker: Trump’s not in trouble for lying. Nope, he’s in hot water for trying to change the election game. Also, Abrams not giving up after the 2018 election isn’t a big no-no, just like Trump not agreeing with the 2020 election isn’t a big whoopsie.

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A smarty-pants named Richard Briffault explained that Abrams was upset ’cause lots of folks who didn’t vote recently got kicked off the voter list. He said Abrams thought Kemp made it tough for her supporters to vote by changing the rules. Oh, and get this—Abrams never actually said she won the election, and she didn’t do anything illegal to change the results.

And guess what? Abrams isn’t the only one who talked about their election. After the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton was all like calling Donald Trump an “illegitimate president” and saying he knew he didn’t really win fair and square, according to The Washington Post.