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Trump Indicted on 13 Counts of Election Interference

Trump Indicted on 13 Counts of Election Interference
Shane Bevel | Credit: NCAA Photos via Getty Images

So, there’s this big news that happened not long ago. The old President, you know, Donald Trump, got into some real trouble with the law. And guess what? Some of his buddies got in trouble too. These guys are:

  • Rudy Giuliani
  • John Eastman
  • Mark Meadows
  • Jeffrey Clark
  • Sidney Powell
  • Jenna Ellis

They’re being told they did some bad stuff during that 2020 election in Georgia.

This whole thing has been going on for a while. Back in February 2021, a lady named Fani Willis, who’s like a law boss, started looking into it. She wanted to find out if Trump and his pals did anything against the rules when they were trying to change who won the election. They were checking if they lied or cheated, and even did mean things or threats during the election time.

They wrote some papers saying Trump did some not-so-good things. He’s got 13 really serious charges now. One of these is about a law called the RICO Act in Georgia. If he’s caught, he might have to spend 5 to 20 years in jail.

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Oh, and by the way, this is not the first time Trump’s had some law problems. Before this, he had 78 charges for other things. So now, with these new ones, it’s like 91 total.

No other President in America’s history has had this many crimes pointed at them. And no other old President has tried to run for President again while also maybe going to jail for a super long time.

When Trump found out about these new charges, he went on this website called Truth Social to say something. He used words like “Witch Hunt” to show he’s not happy about it. He also doesn’t like the lady who’s in charge of the case. He thinks she’s bad and can’t control herself.

There was this weird moment in court where the charges against Trump showed up online and then disappeared really quick. Trump saw that and said it seems kind of rigged. He thinks someone’s trying to hurt his chances of being President again.

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Then there’s this other guy, Asa Hutchinson, who used to be a Governor. He said Trump made himself not okay to be President again. He thinks Trump did things that mean he shouldn’t be allowed to be the top person in the country again.

All this is happening while Trump is trying to be the main guy for the Republicans in the 2024 Presidential election.