Calvin Klein’s Fall Campaign Features a Diverse of Stars

Calvin Klein did this super cool fall thing with famous folks like Alexa Demie and Kid Cudi, and Jennie, Jungkook, and Kendall Jenner too.

Calvin Klein’s latest fall thing is all about feeling good and looking awesome. They did this thing to show that. There are these short scenes where each person’s style is shown. People called Inez & Vinoodh made it look like art, which is neat.

BTS’ Jung Kook Stars in Playful Calvin Klein Fall 2023 Campaign: Exclusive Video

Each person’s style is like, “Hey, look at me!” They put them in different places that look real but also kinda big. Alexa Demie, the actor and singer from “Euphoria,” looks amazing in Calvin Klein underwear. And Kid Cudi, who raps, sings, and makes clothes, is rocking Calvin Klein Underwear and Jeans like a boss.

Jennie, this really good singer and rapper from Blackpink in South Korea, looks awesome in both regular and fancy underwear and jeans. Jungkook from BTS brings some fun vibes, moving around easily in classic Calvin Klein Jeans. And Kendall Jenner does her thing in Calvin Klein women’s clothes, showing her own style.

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Photo / hypebae

This guy Jonathan Bottomley, who’s big in marketing at Calvin Klein, says this thing is a big deal. They’re changing things up to show that Calvin Klein is all about feeling good and being cool.

Bottomley picked these famous people on purpose. They really like Calvin Klein a lot, and they’re famous in important places. Each person is like a different part of Calvin Klein’s stuff, like underwear, jeans, and even women’s clothes this time.


Before, with Jennie, Jungkook, and Jenner, their spring thing was a huge hit. Lots of people saw it online and on the news, like 1.7 billion times! They also got lots of new fans on social media and more people visited their online stores. Now, with this new thing, they’re making sure it’s exciting. There’s cool music and stuff that makes it special.

When fall comes, Calvin Klein’s new stuff is all about simple, modern, and cool designs. They’ve got things like underwear, jeans, clothes, and accessories to show that off.


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