Home Celebrity Victoria Monet’s “Touch Me”: A Celebration of Female Sexuality

Victoria Monet’s “Touch Me”: A Celebration of Female Sexuality

Victoria Monet’s “Touch Me”: A Celebration of Female Sexuality
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So, like, you know that time Victoria was singing? She was all like, “From steering to thigh, I’m loving your finger-tips. Those kisses, girl, it’s been way too long.” And you’re thinking, wait a sec, is Victoria telling us ’bout Kehlani in a sneaky way?

Then comes the other part of the song: “Short nails, that’s kinda sentimental. But trim ’em so it’s all clean. Those tattoos, I gotta learn ’em all. Tell me when they’re on my wall. And touch me, feel me, get me.”

Okay, hold up! That’s like a whole story right there. If you’ve heard the “Touch Me” remix, you’re probably guessing who it’s about. But guess what? Neither of them really said it ’til now. Victoria Monet just said she wasn’t only with Kehlani, who’s like a famous lesbian hero, but also that Kehlani wrote the steamy “Touch Me” ’bout her.

We got this info from when Victoria was on Emily Ratajkowski’s High Low podcast. It was on YouTube yesterday. She’s talking about her boyfriend, John Gaines, and how he’s all cool with her career. She’s like, “When I was having a baby, I did this ‘Touch Me’ remix with Kehlani, and it’s all about her. We were in the studio, and no hard feelings.”

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Shoutout to John Gaines, you rock! If your girl wants to sing ’bout the wild time she had with her ex – and her ex is Kehlani, dude! – you just let it slide. That’s their thing, not yours. You get a high-five for getting that.

And, like, just so you know, Victoria said she’s buds with Kehlani even after they split. She’s like, “We’re friends. That’s how I roll with exes. If they didn’t do something really bad, I don’t cut ’em off. I’d rather be cool with everyone. No point in staying mad.”

Victoria Monet, who said she likes both guys and girls on Twitter in 2018, told us earlier in the chat that she only did it ’cause of an ex who thought they were still together. She was seeing a girl then. She’s all, “Did I just come out?” And people on Twitter were like, “Yeah, you did!” She knew it inside for a long time.

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Saying it out loud helped her feel better and be herself. She stopped using the wrong words when she wrote. Even if she sang ’bout a girl before, she’d say “he” ’cause that’s what people expected. But then she was like, “I’m gonna be real.” It felt way better, and it let her say what she really felt.

For all you folks who put “Touch Me” on your personal playlist, big thanks!