Home Entertainment Love Island Episode 26: Emotions Soar as Secrets Emerge

Love Island Episode 26: Emotions Soar as Secrets Emerge

Love Island Episode 26: Emotions Soar as Secrets Emerge

Love Island USA season 5, episode 26 was like, whoa! It’s after the Casa Amor recouplings, you know? Last time, Kassy Castillo found out that Leo Dionicio, her partner before they switched things up with Matia Marcantuoni, was the one who did the deed with Johnnie Garcia. And it was right there at the villa! Kassy told Leo off in front of everyone, and man, he looked super guilty, even though he decided to stay with Johnnie.

Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray did this big surprise thing to her old partner, Keenan Anunay. She came back to the villa all by herself, and she was like, “Nah, I’m gonna be single,” instead of sticking with Keenan. And there were these nice moments too, like Marco Donatelli and Hannah Wright getting back together, and Kenzo Ludo reuniting with Carmen Kocourek. But let’s be real, drama was the star of this Love Island USA episode, causing even more problems in the new episode.

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So, like, Love Island USA season 5, episode 26 aired from 8:30 to 8:40 pm on Monday night. They do this thing where episodes show up from Thursday to Tuesday, but Wednesday is like a break or something.

Episode 26 of Love Island USA season 5 picked up where the last one left off. The islanders got up from the couch and went back inside the villa. Leo was all like, “I feel so bad about what I did,” and finally, Kay Kay got to tell Keenan how he messed up by getting cozy with Najah Fleary. But Keenan was like, “Nah, not my fault,” so Kay Kay got mad and stormed away. Marco and Hannah were there to be like, “It’s okay,” and then Keenan came to make things right, because he’s not giving up.

Hannah told Marco about this video they saw, showing Keenan and Hannah O doing something, and Marco cleared things up. Kassy talked to Matia about Leo, and Leo just spent most of the episode saying sorry to everyone, even to Johnnie and Kay Kay. Then Carmen talked to Keenan, spilling about the video and how Kay Kay flipped out when she saw Keenan with Najah. Carston “Bergie” Bergersen and Taylor Smith had this chat, agreeing not to stress too much about their thing.

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Later on, Mike Stark spilled the beans to Hannah O about his thing with Destiny Davis. They talked more later, and Destiny also told Isiah “Zay” Harayda about her and Mike. Zay thought Destiny wasn’t being straight about their thing. Meanwhile, Kassy just kept talking about Leo the whole time, and he was feeling all guilty. Finally, they had their talk, but it didn’t go smooth. Leo even told Johnnie he still had a thing for Kassy! At the end of the Love Island USA episode, Matia said Kassy wasn’t paying enough attention to him because of Leo. After a bunch of talks and sorry stuff, it kinda looks like Kay Kay and Keenan might get back together.

You can watch Love Island USA season 5 on Peacock, and they got season 4 too. And you can check out the first episode of season 5 on YouTube for free, which is pretty cool.