Cat Pose or Marjariasana Yoga: Step By Step Guide 2023

We all love cats and find them adorable. But did you know there is a yoga asana that is inspired by Cat? Yes! Marjariasana or Bidalasana (Cat pose yoga) can be very beneficial and satisfying by giving your body an efficient feline stretch.

It is pronounced as Mar-jar-ee-ahh-Sana, which means Marjari as Cat, Asana as posture according to Sanskrit. Now that we know even cats can inspire us in yogic ways, let us explore this article to learn more about this asana.

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What is Marjariasana or Bidalasana?

The meaning of this yoga pose lies in its name. Derived from Sanskrit words, Marjari means Cat, and yoga means posture, which is why this pose is also called a cat stretch. Bidal is a Sanskrit word meaning cat and asana is posture.

The spine’s concentric and eccentric movement in Marjariasana improves the spinal fluid circulation, making your spine flexible and elastic. This makes the pose an excellent choice for those looking to stretch their spine.

The Cat pose also provides proper mobility to your vertebrates, releasing tension from the lumbar spine. Furthermore, it helps regulate internal organs and aids in the functioning of the digestive system.

Cat Pose Yoga (Marjariasana or Bidalasana) Benefits:

  • By flexing and extending your back muscles, Marjariasana or bidalasana (cat pose) gives you added flexibility.
  • Cat pose helps you get better mobility by regulating the proper circulation of spinal fluid, giving you a more robust version of your spine.
  • Marjariasana or bidalasana helps in better functioning and removal of waste from your body by massaging the digestive organs.
  • The stretching of muscles and vertebrates while performing the cat pose results in improved blood circulation.
  • Performing this pose enhances blood flow, better respiration, and stretching of the spine, which may help you grow taller by making your spine free from stiffness.
  • The series of rhythmic breathing and patterns involved in Cat pose elevate your mood, helping you have a relaxed mind.
  • Marjariasana or bidalasana leads to better posture by helping you stabilizing and stretching your vertebrates.
  • The mobility of your shoulders and attachment of your arms with the thorax depends on the scapula. This cat pose prevents any future shoulder injury by having a tremendous effect on the scapula.
  • Practicing Marjariasana (Cat pose yoga) regularly will flex your spine, contracting your abdominal and core muscles, which reduces belly fat resulting in toned abdominal muscles.
  • Cat pose can relieve your sore lower back muscles by improving flexibility and mobility.
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Beginner’s guide for Cat Pose (Marjariasana/Bidalasana):

Here is some important information to keep in mind while performing Marjariasana or bisalasana, especially if you are a beginner:

  1. Cat pose yoga, also known as Marjariasana or bisalasana, is relatively simple to perform. However, if you find it challenging to round the top of your upper back, you can seek assistance from a friend or an instructor.
  2. It is advisable to prepare your muscles adequately before attempting this cat pose. Engage in preparatory poses to flex your muscles and warm up your body.
  3. When practicing Marjariasana, it is recommended to have a time gap of four to six hours after your last meal. This allows for proper digestion of food before engaging in the yoga asana.
  4. It is preferable to practice yoga either in the early morning or in the evening, when your stomach is empty. This ensures better comfort and flexibility during the session.
  5. Regardless of the specific asana you perform, it is essential to maintain a clean and empty stomach and bowels. This applies to all yoga poses, including Marjariasana.
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Precautions for Performing Cat Pose Yoga (Marjariasana/Bidalasana):

Yoga can be extremely beneficial. However, before performing Marjariasana, it is necessary to take the following precautionary measures:

  1. Consult a doctor before practicing the cat pose, especially if you have back or neck problems.
  2. If you have neck and back issues, even with approval from your doctor, perform this pose under the guidance of a yoga trainer.
  3. If you have a specific head injury, ensure that your head remains in line with your torso while practicing Marjariasana.
  4. Avoid over-straining your muscles to prevent body pains.
  5. If you are pregnant, it is better to avoid performing the cat pose.
  6. Remember not to push yourself beyond your limits.

By following these precautionary measures, you can safely enjoy the benefits of Marjariasana in your yoga practice.

We all feel that humans are an advanced species. However, the things around us inspire us in mysterious ways. One such stretch that is inspired by cats is the cat pose or Marjariasana (Bidalasana). This asana’s movements and the institution behind it were observed and created by a yogi who watched a cat. If you found this article helpful, please let us know!

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