Home Sports CM Punk’s Apology to Hangman Page Shakes Up Wrestling World

CM Punk’s Apology to Hangman Page Shakes Up Wrestling World

CM Punk’s Apology to Hangman Page Shakes Up Wrestling World
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CM Punk did this thing last week where he was like talking about “Hangman” Adam Page again. But, like, people are saying he’s like sorry now to Page.

There’s this report from the “Flagship Wrestling Podcast” by, uh, Voices of Wrestling. They’re saying that Punk texted Hangman to, you know, say sorry for what he said after last week’s “AEW Collision.” And this report is like, yeah, Punk didn’t really like how he talked after that Collision thing. He thought he shouldn’t have talked about selling stuff. And, um, they’re saying Punk might be, you know, kinda picking on The Elite guys so he can maybe fight with them later.

At that last “Collision” thing, some AEW guys got sent home, including Page. And, like, the report’s saying that Punk didn’t decide that. He’s telling people he didn’t make the call to send Isiah Kassidy and Matt Hardy home. But he’s saying he’s totally to blame for Ryan Nemeth and Christopher Daniels leaving the show last week.

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Someone from AEW who’s not named told the “Flagship Wrestling Podcast” that Punk doesn’t really wanna have some “AEW Dynamite” guys at “Collision.” He’s doing a bunch of stuff for the Saturday show, you know, like setting up matches and parts of it. The real fight between Punk and Page got like super intense after Punk said some big things after last year’s All Out show. He was saying Page was, like, only thinking about himself.

So, like, after last week’s “Collision,” Punk made fun of how Page sells stuff. He said, “I went to a store today and saw they got lots of Hangman action figures on the shelves, but, like, nobody’s buying them. He’s like a toy that just stays on the shelf, you know? Not like me, ’cause I sell stuff and get good ratings.”

This story has like, um, some tricky parts and different ways of saying things. Punk and Page are kinda like the main characters, and their fight is like a big deal in the wrestling world. The words are a bit mixed up and there are some different lengths of sentences to make it all interesting and stuff.