Home Sports Questions Linger for Bryce Young, Other Top Rookie QBs

Questions Linger for Bryce Young, Other Top Rookie QBs

Questions Linger for Bryce Young, Other Top Rookie QBs

The NFL preseason’s second weekend, you know, it’s kinda like this ongoing thing where all those 32 teams are like, trying to figure out their game plans for those real matches happening in September.

During Week 2, there’s like this mix, you know? There’s these new rookies who are still trying to get a grip on things, and then there’s these like, experienced starters who are trying to get back in the groove and all while, you know, trying to save up their energy. And then there’s a whole bunch of players, like, fighting it out to keep their spots on the team.

Week 2, you see, it doesn’t really finish up until Monday night. That’s when, like, the Baltimore Ravens could totally make a new record with, like, their 25th straight preseason win. But man, already there’s been like, a lot happening. There’s been these winners and losers showing up – but hold up, it’s like, super important not to, you know, go all crazy and overreact about it.

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Check out these winners, though:

  • So, like, Will Anderson Jr., he’s like this total standout from the draft this year. And he did this, like, totally awesome thing for the Houston Texans, sacking a Miami Dolphins player and, like, causing a fumble in his very first pro game.
  • And then you got the New York Giants offense, right? Their quarterback Daniel Jones, he had this kinda cool start in the preseason. He was, like, connecting on most of his throws and even scored a touchdown. He was, you know, working pretty good with his teammates, especially this new dude Jalin Hyatt.
  • And then there’s these players who got, like, banged up a bit. But hey, they’re, like, all okay now. Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB John Wolford and these other guys got hurt, but then they, like, got their movement back and stuff. It’s all good.
  • Oh, and you got Bijan Robinson, he’s this new guy for the Atlanta Falcons, and he showed some, like, cool stuff in his first game, making some solid plays.
  • Kyle Trask, man, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he had, like, a killer game. He was throwing real good, even got himself a touchdown. He’s, like, in this competition with Baker Mayfield for a, you know, key spot on the team.
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And then, you know, there’s these losers too:

  • Those joint practices, man, they were kinda meh. Some games were, like, not so exciting ’cause teams were, like, practicing during the week, so they didn’t really play all their star players during the games.
  • So, like, Zach Wilson, the quarterback for the Jets, he, like, missed some of those easy throws, and he did these kinda risky moves. And there’s this rumor that this other dude’s gonna start next time, so he might not even play for a while.
  • Teddy Bridgewater, you know, he wasn’t really having a great time in his first game with the Detroit Lions. He was fumbling and, like, not making a bunch of yards.
  • Those Arizona Cardinals, man, they totally flopped against the Chiefs. They looked like they’re in for a tough season or something.
  • And then Tua Tagovailoa, he started off with an interception, but he, like, got better as the game went on. He’s gotta be, you know, more consistent if he wants to match his potential.
  • Jake Moody, he’s like the kicker for the 49ers, right? So, he made this game-winning field goal, but he, like, missed a few kicks during the preseason. Maybe he needs more, you know, practice or something.
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So, like, the NFL preseason, it’s like this ongoing show with, you know, all these surprises and stuff. The players and teams are, like, getting ready for the real action that’s coming up next.