Home Sports Red Bull Keeping an Eye on Rising Stars Pepe Marti and Dennis Hauger

Red Bull Keeping an Eye on Rising Stars Pepe Marti and Dennis Hauger

Red Bull Keeping an Eye on Rising Stars Pepe Marti and Dennis Hauger

Red Bull Racing, renowned for nurturing young talent, is closely observing the promising performances of Spanish teenager Pepe Marti and reigning Formula 3 champion Dennis Hauger. As they showcase their skills on the track, the Red Bull team acknowledges their potential and follows their progress with great interest.

Pepe Marti’s Dominant Victory:

17-year-old Pepe Marti recently secured a dominant victory in the F3 feature race in Barcelona, impressing Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko. Racing for Hitech Grand Prix, Marti currently leads the championship by 30 points and has triumphed in four races this season, including a remarkable hat-trick in Bahrain. Marko expresses Red Bull’s admiration for Marti’s talent and acknowledges his impressive achievements.

Dennis Hauger’s Progress in Formula 2:

Red Bull is equally attentive to the development of Dennis Hauger, the reigning Formula 3 champion who competes for Prema in Formula 2. At 19 years old, Hauger has already achieved notable success, currently holding the second position in the Formula 2 standings. With two race wins under his belt this season, Hauger’s consistent performance has garnered praise from Marko and the Red Bull team.

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Red Bull’s Commitment to Young Driver Development:

Red Bull Racing has a history of nurturing young drivers, evident from the promotions of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez to the Formula 1 team. As Pepe Marti and Dennis Hauger continue to impress, there is a possibility that Red Bull may consider promoting them to the Formula 1 team in the future. However, the team may also opt to allow them to gain more experience in Formula 2 before making any decisions.

Building a Strong Young Driver Pipeline:

Red Bull’s keen interest in young talents like Marti and Hauger indicates their commitment to developing a strong pipeline of talented drivers for the future. By identifying and supporting young racers who demonstrate exceptional skills and potential, Red Bull Racing aims to maintain its position as a competitive force in the world of motorsports.


Red Bull Racing’s observation of the remarkable performances by Pepe Marti and Dennis Hauger signals the team’s dedication to cultivating young talent. With their impressive achievements and consistent progress, Marti and Hauger have caught the attention of Red Bull’s advisors. While the possibility of a future promotion to the Formula 1 team remains, the team may opt to allow them to further develop their skills in Formula 2. Red Bull Racing continues to build a strong foundation for the future, ensuring the sustained competitiveness of their team.