Home Sports Rookie QB Anthony Richardson Earns Colts’ Starting Job

Rookie QB Anthony Richardson Earns Colts’ Starting Job

Rookie QB Anthony Richardson Earns Colts’ Starting Job
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Hey, so guess what happened? The Colts, you know, the football guys from Indianapolis? Well, they did this kinda crazy thing. They stopped that whole competition thing for their quarterback after, like, just one game before the real games start.

And get this, the coach, Shane Steichen, he came out and said on a Tuesday that this new dude, Anthony Richardson, he’s gonna be the starting quarterback for the first week, like, whoa!

Richardson himself was all like, “No way, seriously?” He said he was working so hard to grab that starting thing, but it’s not just about the title, you know? He’s just trying to be all set for the team, even if he’s the top quarterback now. He’s got his buddies in the room helping him out. He’s pretty thankful for that.

Before all this, in those practice games, the Colts had Richardson and this other guy, Gardner Minshew, taking turns being the main quarterback. But now, they’re gonna help Richardson get even better in the last bit of practice and the last couple of practice games.

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This also helps the coach ’cause he can change up the plays to match Richardson’s style better. Richardson is, like, pretty tall, like six foot four, and he weighs a good amount, 244 pounds. He’s got a seriously strong arm and he can run fast too. But he didn’t really play a lot back in college, only like 13 games in total, mostly in 2022. So, he needs more chances to practice.

In that first practice game against the Bills, Richardson threw the ball and the other guys got it instead, whoops! Everybody was on him, so he kinda threw the ball in a funny way and the other dudes caught it. And one of our guys didn’t move right to catch it, bummer. But then Richardson got better as the game went on. He threw the ball really far and awesome, but the other guy didn’t catch it again, so we didn’t score.

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Richardson needs to work on how he moves his feet when he plays, but he’s got loads of potential. He can throw super far and it’s pretty cool. He just needs to figure out the shorter throws better.

The Colts are kinda smart for letting him learn while he’s playing. Richardson’s thinking he’s ready now, but he’s not totally sure. He’s being pretty honest about it.

They picked Richardson early in the draft ’cause he’s got, like, loads of promise. It might be a bit tough this year, but it’s a good move for the Colts to let him start right away. After trying out a bunch of older quarterbacks since the good one, Andrew Luck, left, the Colts finally got a young quarterback who could be the new leader. Starting him early and letting him learn while he plays is a good idea. The coaches are doing a cool thing by not keeping the competition going with Minshew for a long time.

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