Home Sports Spain stun Sweden: Reach first ever World Cup final with 2-1 win

Spain stun Sweden: Reach first ever World Cup final with 2-1 win

Spain stun Sweden: Reach first ever World Cup final with 2-1 win
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Olga Carmona did this cool thing and Spain won 2-1 against Sweden. It was like a super exciting match and they’re in the Women’s World Cup final now.

Carmona, she’s like the boss of the team, scored really late in the 90th minute. Her shot hit the crossbar and then it bounced into the net. Just like, two minutes after Blomqvist from Sweden did a goal. Lots of people, like 43,217 of them, were at Eden Park watching it happen.

Salma Paralluelo, the hero from the other game with the Netherlands, she made Spain get the first goal at 81st minute. It was like, “Boom!” and the game got more fun ’cause before that it was kinda slow.

A while ago, like less than a year, Spain’s team was having problems. But now they might win on Sunday and be champions! They’ll play either Australia or England, those guys are hosting the party.

Sweden, though, they didn’t get to the final again. They were so close four years ago and even last year in the Europe thing.

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The teams were like, Spain attacks a lot and Sweden’s defense is strong. Spain was like, “Let’s do this!” at the start, but they didn’t score much. Carmona kicked the ball far at 14th minute but missed, and then Aitana Bonmati kicked wild from far away.

Sweden’s defense was like a wall and they got a chance before the break with a free kick. Right before it was time for a break, Spain got scared because Bjorn passed to Rolfo, but she couldn’t score ’cause the goalie, Cata Coll, stopped it.

Sweden kept going strong, and the coach of Spain, Jorge Vilda, changed a player early. Paralluelo, who did magic before, came in and almost helped get a goal. She passed to Redondo, but she kicked the net’s side.

At the 70th minute, Paralluelo did it again. She kicked the ball really good and it went to the net’s corner. People from Spain were so happy!

Seemed like the game was ending, but Hurtig headed and Blomqvist scored for Sweden. But then Carmona, the boss of surprises, did a late goal. Her super strong shot hit the crossbar and went in. So, Spain’s making history in the World Cup.