Apple Expands On-Device Nudity Detection to Combat CSAM

Apple has taken significant steps to combat child sexual abuse material (CSAM) by expanding its on-device nudity detection technology. In a move to prioritize privacy, Apple’s new approach involves locally flagging inappropriate images for children and providing adults with an opt-in nudes filter. This article explores Apple’s latest developments in communication safety features and their commitment to protecting users from harmful content.

Expanding Communication Safety Features

Apple initially introduced its “Communication Safety” features in August 2021, focusing on safeguarding children. These features involved scanning messages locally on young users’ devices to identify and flag content containing nudity. Building on this foundation, Apple recently announced the expansion of Communication Safety to FaceTime video messages, Contact Posters in the Phone app, the Photos picker tool, and AirDrop. By conducting on-device processing, Apple ensures that the flagged content remains private. Starting this fall, Communication Safety will be enabled by default for all child accounts under 13 in a Family Sharing plan. However, parents retain the option to disable this feature.

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Erik Neuenschwander, Apple’s head of user privacy, explains that Communication Safety is designed to interrupt grooming conversations and educate children about potential risks. It acts as a high-friction mechanism, encouraging children to pause and reconsider their actions.

API Integration for Third-Party Developers

In December, Apple announced its plan to release an application programming interface (API) called the Sensitive Content Analysis framework. This API enables third-party developers to integrate Communication Safety into their apps and utilize it to detect CSAM. Apple has invested considerable effort in developing a robust API to ensure comprehensive coverage across various applications and services. Platforms like Discord have already committed to incorporating this API into their iOS apps, enhancing the overall safety of their platforms.

Sensitive Content Warning for Adults

Acknowledging user feedback, Apple recognized the demand for a similar feature tailored to adult users. Consequently, the company introduced the “Sensitive Content Warning.” This feature utilizes local scanning to identify and blur images and videos containing nudity. It offers an optional setting that can be controlled through the iOS Privacy & Security menu. Unlike Communication Safety, the Sensitive Content Warning aims to protect adult users from unwanted content discreetly, without being intrusive.

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Continued Commitment and Future Solutions

Apple acknowledges that addressing and reducing child sexual abuse online is a complex challenge. The company remains dedicated to exploring and investing in new solutions to combat CSAM effectively. With a sense of urgency, Apple aims to roll out features that have a substantial impact and encourage widespread adoption.


Apple’s expansion of on-device nudity detection technology represents a significant stride in combatting child sexual abuse material. By enhancing Communication Safety features and introducing the Sensitive Content Warning, Apple provides a comprehensive approach to protect both children and adult users. These measures highlight Apple’s commitment to prioritizing user privacy while actively working towards a safer online environment.


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