Snapchat Users Concerned After AI Posts Bizarre Story

Snapchat’s AI did this weird thing. Someone from Snapchat told that there was a sort of problem, but now it’s fixed, I guess? You can read about the real story below.

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Snapchat’s computer brain, which they call AI, went all weird. It made its own story on Snapchat for the first time ever. AI stuff got super famous lately. It got really big in the last year. We all know about AI from Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, you know, those talking computer voices. And movies like Terminator have cool AI too.

People are kind worried that AI could get way too strong or be used for bad stuff, especially like ChatGPT. ‘Cause of this, Hollywood writers went on strike or something. They’re scared movie makers might use AI for writing scripts, which would be a bummer.

At the start of this year, AI came to Snapchat. It’s like this chat thing at the top of your messages. You can chat with it whenever. But it won’t chat you up unless you say stuff first, so if you’re not into it, you can just ignore it. But today, something totally weird happened. People using Snapchat saw that AI made its own story.

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The story was like a video of a wall or maybe a ceiling? It was kinda hard to tell. People started asking AI why it did this ’cause it never did it before. But AI was like “whatever” and didn’t answer people, which was strange. Other people got these basic answers from AI, like it didn’t get what was going on or had some tech issue. After about an hour of everyone being confused, AI just deleted the Snapchat Story it did.


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