Databricks Poised for $43 Billion Funding Round, Says Bloomberg

Databricks, a platform that uses artificial intelligence for data analysis, is talking to T. Rowe Price about getting more money. This could make Databricks worth $43 billion, says Bloomberg News. But this isn’t confirmed yet—it’s just early talks, according to two people who know about it.

If this works out, Databricks from San Francisco would be worth a lot more than the $38 billion it was worth two years ago. Back then, Counterpoint Global led the effort to get them that money. Databricks lets companies use a cloud-based software platform to look at data.

Databricks isn’t saying anything right now, and T. Rowe Price hasn’t responded to a request for a comment from Reuters.

People are really interested in Databricks because it’s good at analyzing data using AI. As businesses gather more data, they need help making sense of it and using it to be better. Databricks is well set up to do this, and its value shows that investors expect it to grow a lot.

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We can’t be sure if the new funding will happen, though. Talking to T. Rowe Price is a positive sign, though. If it works out, Databricks can keep growing and developing its platform. That might make Databricks a big player in data analysis and AI in the future.


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