Home Technology Facebook facial recognition system will be shut down

Facebook facial recognition system will be shut down

Facebook facial recognition system will be shut down

Facebook has announced that its face recognition program will be closed and that the face-to-face threads of more than a billion people will be removed.

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Technology automatically identifies users to photos and videos but Facebook has decided to remove them, citing increased concerns about their use. Jerome Pesenti, vice president of Facebook intelligence, wrote on a blog post: “This change will represent a major change in facial expressions in the history of technology. “There is a lot of concern about the location of face recognition technology in the community. , and regulators are still in the process of providing a clear set of rules governing its use. Facebook has said more than a third of its users have opted to enter the face-off of social media, but this change will remove the templates of more than one billion people. , will not include the names of the people seen in the images, but otherwise it will work in the normal way. This change will be distributed worldwide i whole and will be completed by the end of the year

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Facial technology, developed with precision and power in recent years, has become increasingly the focus of attention in terms of how it can be misused by governments, lawmakers and corporations. In China, authorities use the skills to track and control the Uyghurs, a minority of Muslims. In the United States, law enforcement agencies have turned to an app to help police, which has led to fears of mistreatment and arbitrary arrest. Some cities and regions have banned or restricted technology to prevent potential abuse.

Facebook used its facial features only on its site and did not sell its software to third parties. However, this feature became the privacy and control of the company.

While the Federal Trade Commission fined Facebook a $ 5 billion record for resolving privacy complaints in 2019, face recognition software was among the concerns. Last year, the company also agreed to pay $ 650 million to settle a Illinois class lawsuit that accused Facebook of violating a state law that required citizens’ permission to use their biometric information, including “face geometry.”

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The social media platform is making its announcement of face recognition technology as it is also undergoing public scrutiny. Lawmakers and regulators have been at loggerheads over the company for months after former Facebook employee Frances Haugen leaked thousands of internal documents showing how the company knew how to spread false information, hate speech and violent content. .

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