How Google’s Generative AI Search Is Making It Easier to Find Information in India and Japan

Google just brought out this really interesting search thing for India and Japan. It’s called the Search Generative Experience (SGE). You can use it in English and Hindi in India, and in Japanese in Japan. Google’s letting some people try it first in the Search Labs program before they share it with everyone else.

So, with SGE, when you’re looking up stuff, it doesn’t just give you the regular links. It makes a short and easy summary of the top results. Plus, it adds links to good websites. The summary is written like how people talk, and it fits with what you want. For example, if you’re searching for “how to make a cake,” SGE might put together a quick guide with the ingredients, steps, and tips to bake a yummy cake.

SGE is still getting worked on, but Google’s already picked up a bunch from folks who tried it in the US. They really want SGE to be awesome for people in India and Japan, so they’re gonna make it even better.

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Here are some cool things about using this special AI for search:

  • Learn Faster: Makes understanding things quicker.
  • New Ideas: Shows you different ways to think about stuff.
  • Get Things Done: Makes doing things you wanna do easier.
  • Many Languages: You can use it in lots of languages.

It’s not just Google playing with this AI search stuff. Other companies like Microsoft and Baidu are also doing similar things. As this AI thing gets better, more search engines will use it to make searching even cooler.


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