Home Technology Netflix Ends DVD Mail Service, Offers Free DVD Upgrade

Netflix Ends DVD Mail Service, Offers Free DVD Upgrade

Netflix Ends DVD Mail Service, Offers Free DVD Upgrade
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Netflix is going to stop sending out DVDs in about a month. This service has been around for a long time, even before Netflix became so big with streaming. They said they’ll stop sending out the last DVDs on September 29th. Recently, they explained what will happen to those DVDs when the service ends.

Here’s the deal: If you have DVDs that you haven’t returned by September 29th, you won’t be charged for them. Also, if you’re part of Netflix’s DVD rental service, you might get a chance to receive up to 10 mystery DVDs on the last day of the service.

Remember, if you want to give back DVDs you don’t want, you have until October 27th to do it. And the last day to sign up for the DVD service is on a Monday. You can get up to eight DVDs at once depending on your plan.

They’re going to cancel subscriptions automatically, so you don’t have to do anything if you want to end your account. If you’re also using Netflix’s streaming service, don’t worry, it won’t be affected.

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This is a big change because Netflix has been sending out DVDs since 1998. Even when they started focusing more on streaming, they still kept the DVD service on a different website called DVD.com.

In their “frequently asked questions” section, Netflix explains that ending the service now makes sense. DVDs are becoming less popular as more people choose streaming. This is the end of a chapter for them.