YouTube Removes 1.9 Million Videos in India for Violating Community Guidelines

From January to March 2023, in India, more than 1.9 million videos got taken down from YouTube ’cause they didn’t follow the rules. This was like the most removals in any country, as said in a YouTube report.

Like, around the world, during that same time, YouTube had to remove over 6.48 million videos ’cause they didn’t follow the rules.

The report, called the Community Guidelines Enforcement report, tells us how YouTube deals with things that people find wrong in videos and how they make sure their rules are followed.

The big person in charge of YouTube in India, Ishan John Chatterjee, talked about how super important it is to stop false information, especially when technology and smart computers are getting stronger. In India, more than 1.9 million videos had to be taken down ’cause they didn’t follow the rules. In the United States, around 654,968 videos were removed, and in countries like Russia and Brazil, it was even more.

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YouTube has been protecting its community from bad stuff since it started. They use both computer programs and real people to make sure the rules are followed. Just recently, YouTube said they’re gonna act fast against videos that try to trick people with false information and cause problems in the real world.

Also, YouTube is adding a cool feature to its music app where you can see the words of songs as they play. This is happening on both Android and iOS.

Ishan John Chatterjee, the person in charge of YouTube in India, said they got clear rules about what videos are allowed. He also talked about how they’re really serious about stopping false information. Even though they’ve been working on this for a while, they know there’s more to do, so they’re gonna keep working on it.


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