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Atmanjali Mudra : Steps and Health Benefits

Atmanjali Mudra : Steps and Health Benefits

India, the birthplace of Yoga practices, encompasses various hand gestures that provide numerous health benefits. One commonly used hand gesture in Yoga is the Atmanjali Mudra, where you join your hands in a prayer position. In Sanskrit, “Anjali” signifies offering or salutation, while “Mudra” refers to a gesture. Essentially, this hand gesture symbolizes honoring and celebrating the present moment. The Atmanjali Mudra holds profound significance in terms of spiritual awakening.

Therefore, go through this article to learn more about the benefits associated with Atmanjali Mudra. Read on!

Atmanjali Mudra Posture and How to Do It?

Atmanjali Mudra is a hand gesture that activates all the elements in our bodies. The thumb represents Agni, the index finger symbolizes Vayu, the middle finger signifies Aakash, the ring finger represents Prithvi, and the little finger represents Jal. By regularly practicing this mudra, these elements work together to maintain balance in your body.

  1. Sit down comfortably and relax your spine to ensure proper posture.
  2. Tuck your chin and gently stretch it for a relaxed neck.
  3. Bring both hands in front of your heart chakra and focus on your heart.
  4. Close your eyes to enhance your awareness of energy flow.
  5. Place your hands on your lap, take deep breaths, and remain relaxed.
  6. Repeat this process regularly for optimal benefits.
  7. This Mudra combines feminine and masculine energy for balance and harmony.
  8. Lightly touch your thumb to your sternum and expand your chest.
  9. Align your fingers and elbows for improved balance effortlessly.
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What is the best time and for how long to perform Atmanjali Mudra?

The Atmanjali Mudra is a versatile hand gesture that can be performed at any time and place. It is recommended to practice it between 4 to 6 AM for its full effectiveness. Incorporating this gesture into your daily routine is possible by practicing it three times a day, with each session lasting five minutes.

Another option is to engage in a 15-minute continuous practice session. Embracing the Atmanjali Mudra offers a convenient and flexible way to enhance your well-being and spiritual connection.

Benefits of Atmanjali Mudra:

The Atmanjali Mudra is a well-known gesture representing gratitude, humility, and greetings.By practicing this mudra, you not only convey these emotions but also foster a sense of humility and connection with the earth. The Atmanjali Mudra offers various advantages, and let’s explore a few of them.

  1. Atmanjali Mudra channels the thought process by bringing together both hemispheres of the brain.
  2. Practicing this Mudra can lead to the experience of positive thoughts.
  3. Slow breathing during Anjali Mudra improves oxygen circulation in the blood and connection to the heart.
  4. Balancing the breathing pattern instantly calms down an agitated mind.
  5. Atmanjali Mudra balances the pituitary and adrenal glands, enhancing intuitive capabilities.
  6. It facilitates the functioning and coordination of the brain hemispheres.
  7. This hand gesture improves physical flexibility in the arm joint and wrist.
  8. Regular practice of Atmanjali Mudra stimulates the Ajna and heart chakras.
  9. Stimulating these chakras helps in better emotional management.
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Atmanjali Mudra is a popular Mudra known for its numerous benefits for the body. It is a simple Mudra that can be performed by anyone with ease. By incorporating Atmanjali Mudra into your daily routine, you can experience all the advantages it offers. Remember to inform us if you found this article helpful. We would love to hear from you!