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10 Yoga Poses to Improve Thyroid Function

10 Yoga Poses to Improve Thyroid Function

Yoga holds a significant place in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, serving as a fundamental fitness practice. Its universal nature is truly remarkable, benefiting individuals with a wide range of physical and mental concerns. Moreover, yoga is not limited to specific conditions but can be applied in various contexts. Particularly for thyroid patients, yoga offers tremendous advantages by addressing the symptoms related to thyroid and promoting healing. With different types of yoga available for hypothyroidism, each person can find a style that suits their unique physiological needs. Regardless of age, both young adults and older individuals can engage in yoga, which aids in regulating blood circulation and increasing oxygen supply to the body. To explore further, continue reading about Yoga Poses for Thyroid in this article.

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What Is Thyroid And How Does Yoga Cure Thyroid?

The thyroid exercise in yoga focuses on the thyroid gland. This gland is butterfly-shaped and located in the throat. Its primary function is to secrete hormones that regulate metabolism, body temperature, and growth. These hormones play a crucial role in maintaining overall health and well-being. Patients commonly experience different thyroid conditions. However, two of the most frequently observed are:

Hyperthyroidism refers to the condition where there is an excessive secretion of thyroid hormone in the body. The presence of an overactive thyroid can lead to hyperactivity, restlessness, and feelings of excessive hunger or fatigue.

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On the other hand, hypothyroidism occurs when there is a deficiency of thyroid hormone in the body. This condition can have various effects such as delayed puberty, slow growth, irregular menstrual cycles, and potential weight gain.

Yoga has proven to be highly beneficial in the treatment of thyroid-related issues. By focusing on the areas surrounding the thyroid gland, yoga helps to attain maximum benefits. It promotes better blood flow and regulates oxygen intake, resulting in improved overall health and increased activity levels. Yoga serves as an alternative healing method for thyroid-related problems, and studies have indicated that consistent practice of yoga for six months has eliminated the need for thyroid replacement surgery in some women suffering from hypothyroidism.

Best Yoga Asanas For Thyroid Problems:

Let us explore some of the ancient yoga poses that help in the treatment of thyroid. The Top 10 Yoga Asanas for Thyroid are mentioned below. We give you a glimpse into the several asanas with images.

Sarvangasana / Supported Shoulder Pose:

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Sarvangasana involves resting on your shoulders and lifting the body up. This yoga asana helps accelerate blood flow to the throat, where the thyroid gland is located. It regulates the blood flow near the affected areas and benefits overall health to achieve excellent results in treating thyroid. This is one of the best-prescribed Yoga practices.

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Dhanurasana :

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Dhanurasana is a yoga pose that involves arching your body in a specific way, making it look like a bow. This pose elongates the nasal pipe and allows a plentiful supply of oxygen to the brain. Regularly practicing Dhanurasana helps achieve control over your thyroid condition.

Halasana / Plow Pose:

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Halasana is one of the most beneficial poses for thyroid treatment in yoga. It stimulates the thyroid gland as it involves the tissues near the throat and chest. Apart from that, Halasana is beneficial in reviving the nervous system, improving memory, regulating menstrual cycles, relieving cramps in legs, etc.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana / Bridge Pose:

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The Bridge Pose helps provide blood circulation to all the glands, especially the thyroid gland. It relaxes your muscles and stretches abdominal glands, aiding in the process of digestion. An overall beneficial move, this yoga pose must be practiced regularly to achieve benefits for thyroid.

Bhujangasana / Cobra Pose:

Bhujangasana is a useful asana that provides ample exercise to regulate the function of the thyroid gland. It engages the core muscles of the body and helps in strengthening your limbs. Practice Bhujangasana every day to keep your thyroid gland healthy.

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Navasana / Boat Pose:


Navasana engages the throat muscles and helps in treating the thyroid gland. It also strengthens your core, providing more energy and vigor.

Urdhva Dhanurasana / Upward Bow Pose:

Upward Bow Pose engages all the muscles in the body, working the pituitary and thyroid glands. Practicing this asana every day can have ample benefits for overall well-being.

Matsyasana / Fish Pose:

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The Fish Pose stretches your thyroid gland and supplies blood to the affected areas. Matsyasana is beneficial for thyroid patients and should be regularly practiced to achieve all the benefits that it offers.

Shirshasana / Supported Headstand:

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Shirshasana directly engages the thyroid gland and has massive benefits on the entire body. It provides a boost of blood flow to the head and regulates the functioning of all vital organs.


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Kapalbhati, a breathing technique, engages the respiratory and digestive systems, which help in regulating hyperthyroidism. Practicing Kapalbhati can lead to several significant changes that ensure the smooth functioning of your vital organs.

Remember to consult with a qualified yoga instructor or healthcare professional before starting any new exercise or treatment for thyroid-related issues.

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